Puig des Molins Necropolis: not everyone is partying in Ibiza

A visit that will leave you breathless
It is a beautiful contradiction that while people are dedicated to celebrate life in each one of the daily parties occurring on the island, in the very heart of the city lies a huge cemetery that holds neither more nor less than approximately 3000 tombs.


Welcome to Puig des Molines Necropolis: the house of the ancient Phoenician and Carthaginian city of Ebusus. The name ‘Puig des Molins’ is derived from the windmills that have dominated the hill from about the 15th century onwards. Located at a walking distance (5 minutes only) in the centre of the current city of Ibiza, this archaeological site is the best-preserved necropolis in the Mediterranean and home to the goddess Tanit, protector of the island.

Tanit sculpture

The necropolis features a long complex timeline from the archaic Phoenician period to modern times. You’ll find thousands of amulets, jewellery, vases, terracotta figurines, and of course, the tombs. Dare to enter inside, go down the narrow stairs, and cross the tiny portals that connect the underground rooms carved in the stone.

The price is friendly, under 3€.



07800 Eivissa





Opening hours:

9am-2pm / 6:30pm-9pm

Mondays closed.

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