Cala Bassa: Clear Water and Soft Sand

Discover one of Ibiza's best beaches on the west coast
Surprise surprise, just like all the rest of Ibiza’s numerous beaches, the water is insanely transparent and clean, the sand is golden and soft – everyones favourite. Following with the tradition of previous beach articles, we’ve outlined the main categories and provided details within each, so you know what to expect before heading to the beach.


Cala Bassa is the most popular beach amongst tourists in the San Antonio area and is also a beloved fishing spot with the local fishermen. So yes, it does tend to get pretty crowded, particularily weekends and the main summer months June, July and August. If you want to visit this beach but want to avoid the crowds as much as possible, then come early or come during the off-seasons months. If you prefer peacefulness in general, then check out our other beach articles here. There’s also a DJ who plays chill lounge music which makes the experience all the more cool.

Getting there

About a 20 minute drive from Ibiza town, go to maps for more details.


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The best para about coming to this beach, is that the famous Cala Bassa Beach Club is right next door, and there’s plenty of food to choose from. Along the beach, you’ll find 5 restaurants that all belong to the beach club, but each serving their own unique cuisines, ranging from mediterranean inspired food, to sushi, to delicatessen like Foie Gras and various snacks.


Deckchairs, umbrellas, changing rooms, spa, lifeguards, restaurants, jetski and other water sports.

Secret Ibiza Tip:

A good place to come with your kids, as the swimming area is seperated from the water sports so you can feel comfortable with your children swimming in the sea.

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