Time and Space Sculpture

Often referred to as the 'Stonehenge' of Ibiza because of its striking resemblance to the British landmark.
Time and Space is a sculpture created by renowned Australian artist, Andrew Rogers in 2014. Commissioned by the founder of Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberté, the monument can be found around the cliffs of Cala Llentia. Rogers’ works are known for their giant size and scattered outdoor locations around the world. His most noted project entitled Rhythms of Life include structures made from stone, spread out in 16 countries worldwide, across various natural landscapes. Time and Space is another addition to this series of structures.

The sculpture features 13 pillars made up of basalt stone from Turkey and transported to Ibiza to begin the building process. The pillars have a space of 24 meters in diameter and interestingly enough follow the Fibonacci sequence. In the middle where the tallest column stands, the top can be seen covered in 23-carat gold, this is meant to represent the sun. Time and Space is a literal depiction of our solar system, hence the columns are the planets moving around the sun.

The sculpture is by the south-west of the island, next to the cliffs by Cala Llentia. To find it, drive towards Cala Codolar beach and you’ll see it.

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