A young volunteer offered a broom to Felipe VI during his visit to Sant Llorenç

Breaking with the protocol
Oscar Tarela was a quiet, low profile neighbour of Majorca, until the king of Spain visited Sant Llorenç after the flood.

Then, things changed quickly and suddenly, everyone was talking about him. Why? When he was helping to clean the mud of the streets in the affected neighbourhood after the storm, Felipe VI appeared to salute the volunteers, and when they met, Oscar did what he felt it was right.

In his own words: “He said he was coming to help and I offered him my broom because, with a handshake, he doesn’t help us at all”. The video of that moment went viral and soon, some have criticized him saying that he was doing it for the fame, but he answered quickly on his social media accounts: “I didn’t want to make fun of it, but to let him know that if he cannot help the people from Majorca in this way, for sure he can do it in others”.

Like many other good people on the island, he went to help the neighbours of Sant Llorrenç as soon as he knew what happened. They have organized themselves so well, that they did in one day what would have taken three or four days to be accomplished. The neighbours are deeply touched and grateful to see such a movement on the streets.

Young volunteers helping to clean the mud of the streets
Teamwork! Photos by B. PALU / D. ARRÁEZ for diariodeibiza.es

He concluded: “Besides what I feel about the monarchy, I love my country and I love my flag”. No matter what we think about politics or religion, this massive act of solidarity is an example for all communities and a message of hope during these complex times that we’re living in.

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