Eleven minutes of yoga are making a big change at the main hospital in Ibiza

The new project ‘Eleven’ will visit all the units at the Can Misses Hospital to offer free Yoga classes and guided meditations to the professionals before they start the day.

Eleven consists of improving the health of the hospital workers and relieving stress through eleven minutes of breathing and meditation exercises.

The creator of this great non-profit project is Tomás Gómez, instructor of Yoga & Coach Ibiza, who explains: “the practice of Yoga provides a long list of health benefits including increased flexibility and a larger range of movements, stronger muscles, a better posture and balance, reduced physical and emotional stress, as well as an increased self-awareness and self-esteem”.

The goal is that after these 11 minutes of connection and relaxation, they feel they’ve been resting for an hour. “Breathing and increasing the oxygen level improves the entire circuit, so even if it is only for a minute, it counts”.

We hope this project inspires and encourages other institutions to do the same.

If you are interested in taking yoga classes with Tomás, you can find more information, here.


Featured images: diariodeibiza.es


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