Satircal Cartoonist Paco Alcázar to Present Newest Project in Ibiza

Spanish comic writer and contributer to the 'El Jueves' publication will be at the next Map del Cap event.
Ibiza’s Cultural Association Mal del Cap is continuing with its series ‘Jornadas Desobedientes’ as it enters into the comic world by showcasing Paco Alcázar’s latest disconcerting work ‘La fábrica de problemas’ this Friday the 18th at 19:30 in the Sa Cultural Bookstore. This piece of work is a compilation of several comic strips that Alcázar created for the digital magazine ‘Orgullo y Satisfacción’ between 2014 and 2017.
La fábrica de problemas features several surreal topics as random as alien pilots to existenialist deaths. Alcázar will touch upon his work as well as other controversial topics such as censorship and freedom of speech. If these interest you, then make sure you go to Sa Cultural so you don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of the discussion. Mal del Cap continues to make strides in the art world as it consistently involves itself in hot topics, examining them through a cultural and critical perspective.

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