Temperatures on the rise in Ibiza

After a long winter, it seems that there's good news for the people of Ibiza and for those planning a holiday sometime soon. The weather is finally looking up, with temperatures rising drastically.

Start planning your holidays to Ibiza now, because at the rate the temperature has been rising since Monday, it seems that the official summer season could only be a week away.

According to BBC’s weather forecast for the week, there will be only blue skies and temperatures staying at a steady 20°C, at sunset the temperature does fall to around 12°C, with an occasional breeze coming from the sea.

It seems for now that next Monday there might be a slight blip in our summer weather, as the forecast shows a 30% chance of rain, however the good news is that the 20°C temperature will be maintained. Hopefully, the weather changes over the next few days so we can escape the one rainy day, because the following days after are predicted to remain sunny and warm.

I think it’s safe to say that by the end of April, we can expect lows of 20 degrees, blue skies and sun for the remainder of the summer. So buy your bikinis now before the shops start getting really hectic!

featured image: white-ibiza.com


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