Music On Party All Summer Long at Amnesia

Marco Carola's techno nights are back every Friday for the summer season!
There’s always something happening on Friday’s in Ibiza, especially in the summer season! Whether it’s a festival, concert, pool party or DJ playing tunes into the early hours of the morning – you’ll always find something fun to do!

Italian electronic music DJ Marco Carola is known for his Music On nights, hosted at one of Ibiza’s craziest clubs, Amnesia. Now he’s back for its seventh season, meaning you’ve got every Friday night until October planned out! The schedule’s up and you’re in for a treat with the artists that are performing!

There’s always two stages, the terrace (where Marco DJ’s every Friday) and the club room. DJ’s such as Paco Osuna, Leon, Steve Lawler, Danny Tenagli, Nic Fanciulli are set to perform, to find out the rest of the list click here. Marco Carola has really made a name for himself on the island and is a huge favourite amongst techno lovers and italians. Get ready to chant “Music On!” until the sun rises!

 Buy your tickets now!

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