3 contemporary musicians in Ibiza everyone should know

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3 contemporary musicians in Ibiza everyone should know
The music and the island were always best friends. From ancient melodies to sounds of the future, Ibiza’s heart bumps with good rhythm, allowing great musicians to grow.

With an overwhelming talent and a unique style, they conquer the audience wherever they go. For those who don’t know them yet (and those who are always happy to see them rocking once again), here’s a warm introduction to their stories and their music:

Yeshe Ruiz Steane

Born and raised in Ibiza (1988), he learned to play music since his early days. His father, a legendary drummer, was one of the first founders of live music in Ibiza, while his mother worked in the theatre, which explains why the artistic blood runs so freely through his veins.

In the beginning, he did Hip-Hop and Rap mainly, but then his style evolved to other genres such as soul, funk, and reggae. Yeshe is a singer and songwriter, and he plays the piano and the drums. Currently he is a member of the Ibiza House Orchestra, Ryser (his personal music project), and Brain Bangers. His songs have the same poetic strength and sensibility that he emanates on the stage.


Pere Navarro

A month ago, I was lucky to see him playing at the mythical Jamboree in Barcelona (and even sing a song at the Jam after his concert). With one hand on the trumpet and the other on the piano, Pere played smoothly with the melodies as the birds play in the wind, leaving all of us speechless.


Considered one of the greatest talents of the current jazz panorama in Spain, Pere Navarro (Ibiza, 1994) began to play the trumpet when he was eight years old. After graduating from the Taller de Musics in Barcelona, he played in international venues such as the Palau de la Música Catalana, Jamboree, Nova Jazz Cava, and El Plaza Jazz Club, among many others. Member of recognized bands like Jazz Experience, led by Abe Rábade, Pere Navarro has just launched Perenne, his debut album along with a wonderful quintet.

Chelu García
Photo by Mario Pinta

The first time I saw a live music show on the island was at Veto Social Club. A week after arriving, I went inside Veto and discovered an Ibizan species that I didn’t know: the octopianist. There he was, surrounded by 4 keyboards, 1 piano and a bunch of mixers, moving his tentacles from key to key at the speed of sound.

This versatile musician studied jazz at the Taller de Musics in Barcelona, and developed his career playing jazz, blues, funk, and electronic music, as a DJ and producer. He performed at the most emblematic clubs of the island like Pacha, Privilege or KM5, and he is the creator and promoter of From Jazz to Techno. Also known as Acid Filter, if you see an octopianist making waves on a stage, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Click on their names to check their upcoming shows on their profiles. And, let’s give a big applause to these creative artists that are keeping the music scene alive in Ibiza!

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