Sneak into some of the most incredible houses in Ibiza

Mavi Iglesias Mavi Iglesias

Sneak into some of the most incredible houses in Ibiza
When the pleasure of the form and its possibilities are sublimated, something magical happens.

Miguel and Andrés are partners in business… and blood. Father and son, they are the founders of this awarded company dedicated to building all kinds of projects in Ibiza since 2012, and they’ve opened us the doors of some of their fabulous creations.

Houses, residential buildings, hotels, restaurants, clubs, public spaces… They’ve done everything. From refurbishing the terrace of the legendary club Amnesia to a penthouse in Amsterdam, or even at the Pikes Hotel, everywhere you look, MG & AG Arquitectos has left their mark. And behind every project, there’s a story:


You can tell the origin of its name following its undulated, hypnotic forms. As in all their works, there is a live dialogue between the old and the modern, which in this case, it is clearly going on between the walls.

The past and the future meet and advance together, like a snake looking for the sun. The marble floor, the light entering through every corner, and the olive tree shining in the heart of the house; everything is a homage to the nature that surrounds it.


More than a house, it’s a geometric spell. There is no other house like this one in Spain—or the world—where everything you see is triangular. This massive tribute to one of the most sacred figures (represented as the Trinity, the Divine Eye, a symbol of perfection and harmony, among so many other cultural references) is located in Ibiza.


The lounge floats 7 metres above the cliff, to make the most of the sea views. The doors merge with the walls, which do not touch the floor or ceiling, enhancing its groundbreaking character, and a sense of infinite space.

In all their works, there is a strong and recognizable passion for the purity of the forms, and an elegant combination between the original materials of the environment with elements and resources that embrace the future. Currently, they are with several projects on the desk, including two 5-star luxury hotels with 200 rooms that will open this year on the island.

So, if you’re looking for an innovative studio that takes the impossible as a playful challenge, now you know.

C/ historiador juan marí cardona 6, bajo derecha 2, Ibiza.


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