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A british family is looking for a photograph and pays 90.000 € for the job

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Mavi Iglesias Mavi Iglesias

A british family is looking for a photograph and pays 90.000 € for the job
The salary looks like they’re actually looking for a hitman, but the only thing this professional will shoot, is the flash.

The photographer marketplace Perfocal received this special request ten days ago, and as you can imagine, everyone is going crazy about this super cool opportunity.

What do they offer exactly: a salary of £80,000 plus travel, food and accommodation expenses, in exchange of a job position that implies travelling around the world with the family for a year, immortalizing their moments together at the most incredible destinations.

The Maldives, one of the upcoming destinations

Their last photograph left due to personal reasons, and since early September that the position is still available. The family, which at the moment has preferred to remain anonymous due to the father’s profession, expects to travel through Europe, America, and Australia, where they have holiday homes and other residences. But the agenda also includes destinations like the United Arab Emirates and plans like diving in the Maldives.

Have you ever dreamed to experience the Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco? Imagine that going there is part of your job… Of course, the candidate must be super qualified and have a previous experience of at least five years shooting lifestyle photography. The conditions are very good, as you can read in the mail they’ve sent to Perfocal:

Their first trip starts in early February, so days are counting…


If you know a very, very, good photographer who’s willing to fly away for a year, pass it on!

Featured image: Pixabay / Gif Via Giphy