A collective exhibition about eroticism is opening this Saturday at Adda Gallery Ibiza

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A collective exhibition about eroticism is opening this Saturday at Adda Gallery Ibiza
What a better way to celebrate life and art than with a super sexy exhibition inspired by everyone’s favorite activity? Adda Gallery Ibiza welcomes all you naughty people to join them at the sexiest evening this summer at the opening of the exhibition, “O”.


Ten recognized contemporary artists from all over the world will be expressing their feelings and creative points of view on this controversial and fascinating matter through illustration, urban art, photography, and painting at the new exhibition this weekend.

Illustration by Alphachanneling
Photography by Paloma Rincón

Before arriving in Ibiza, “O” was successfully presented in Barcelona and Paris. Come on, seduce your brain with a dose of inspiration and check out the work of these amazing artists:

Alphachanneling (USA)
Apollonia Saintclair (Europe)
Chamo San (Spain)
Enric Sant (Spain)
Jesus Benitez (Mexico)
Luna Trista (Cuba)
Maria Monty (Argentina)
Mark Bodé (USA)
Paloma Rincón (Spain)
Tito Merello (Spain)


The inauguration is this Saturday, 18 August at 6 pm. The exhibition will be open until 15 September every day except Sundays, from 2 pm to 10 pm.

Illustration by Apollonia Saintclair

The gallery is located in Paradiso Art Hotel Ibiza, in the heart of Sant Antoni. If you haven’t been there yet, we highly recommend that you make a visit. Decorated with brightly coloured 70’s furniture with touches of the Art-Deco style, it offers amazing spaces like the pool area with sunbeds in the terrace and bar, the lobby area with a wide and super cool collection of art books and sofas to chill, or the Zero Suite Project, which is a room situated just a few metres from the main door, and whose walls are completely made of glass! People are invited to spend a night in this room, free of charge. After such a sexy date at ADDA Gallery Ibiza, I can imagine someone needing a bed, and perhaps not minding being watched, so… The last and most important question is:


Are you coming?


Featured image: María Monty del Mar

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