Adlib Moda Ibiza: the story behind a unique fashion style

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Adlib Moda Ibiza: the story behind a unique fashion style
Ibiza has many interesting stories to tell, and this is one of those. As well as it is famous for its amazing nightclubs and parties, there is a fashion style that was born here and expresses the purest spirit of the island: Adlib.


If you’re wondering what’s the name about, it was created inspired in the Latin concept “Ad libitum” which means “at one’s pleasure”, “as you desire” or even more simply: freely. So, picture yourself back in 1971, when the recently arrived hippies were already changing the panorama of this quiet island dedicated mainly to the farm and the salt industry. You are walking around Dalt Vila and you suddenly see a group of beautiful ladies with flowers in their hair, laughing and wearing soft, white dresses that move playfully with the wind, exposing their curves and charm. These are the roots of this multicultural movement, which combined the delicacy of artisan materials with the traditional island wear. Hence, straw hats, espadrilles and women’s shawls were fundamental to the style’s inspiration.

Adlib Moda Ibiza grew fast, empowered by a unique ambassador: the Yugoslavian Princess Smilja Mihailovitch. She defended the spirit of a free woman, whose beauty was natural, fresh and authentic, creating more lightweight, white and hand-embroidered pieces that allowed enough movement to showcase the female form. Its arrival on the scene meant new jobs for local women who had their first chance at financial independence. Respecting the Earth and the sustainability, Adlib suddenly became a strong alternative to the cruelty of the trends and conquered the hearts of the new generations.

Smilja is the smiling woman on the left

This might sound normal now, but back in that time, it was an undeniable revolution, which allowed us now to express ourselves and be confident to go out wearing whatever makes us feel comfortable and sexy, honouring our true beauty. Thanks to its originality and after 45 summers, Pasarela Adlib keeps attracting people from all over the world with its hippie-chic fusion during the Ibiza Fashion Week. There is a quote that defines Adlib perfectly: “dress however you want, but do it with style”. Having said all this, I hope these words inspire you to take a look on your wardrobe and dare to wear that sexy, killer dress you once bought thinking how amazing it looks on you, no matter what your parents would say.


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