Another summer love story in Ibiza… to be continued

Ibiza is not that big but his heart might be...

Mavi Iglesias Mavi Iglesias

Another summer love story in Ibiza… to be continued
Ibiza: a magical island, famous for it’s reputation as the meeting point of soulmates and impossible love stories… You’ve done it again!


As far as I could tell after a week of research, I discovered that Tanit—the Phoenician goddess and protector of fertility and the lands of Ibiza— was at work. Wandering around parties on the island, she waters those she likes in order to see their passion grow with the same strength as the flowers on the island, blossoming in the middle of summer.

Apparently, on the July 18, Tanit went to elrow’s party at Ushuaïa. Camouflaged among the dancers, she approached Alexander and sprayed him with her holy Mediterranean waters. Then, she went after her. The rest was history: as soon as he saw her, he felt an instant and very deep crush, something he hadn’t felt since he was a teenager. Ohlala, l’amour!

Alexander lives in Vienna, but this is the fifth time he’s come to Ibiza on vacation. He works in management and his hobbies include listening to music, clubbing, and swimming. The only problem.. he was too shy to approach her and ask for her name or number. The night passed by and before he could act, she was gone. After all was said and done, he couldn’t stop thinking about her, so he contacted us to see if we could help him somehow, and here we are: doing the best we can to help him find his techno-Cinderella. Better late than never!


We don’t know if the heart of this beautiful lady belongs to somebody else—which is probable, considering her sweet smile —or maybe she is single and this love is reciprocal. What we do know for sure is that we can’t let a story like this pass by. So, if you know her, please share this article with her so that they can get in contact… Alexander will be more than happy to know if she felt the same and, maybe can meet again at the next elrow’s party.

We hope this adventure will have a happy ending or at least a funny one. There’s nothing worse than living life with regrets and, since you’ve taken the time to read this… take note: If you end up meeting someone you like as much as this guy liked this gal, don’t miss the opportunity to chat them up! Tanit is a generous goddess, but she can’t do all the work alone.

Good luck, Alexander!


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