The Ibiza Independent Film Festival Starts Today

Ibiza IFF returns for the summer season

The annual film festival is upon us again, with the first screening of the “Ibiza Shorts” segment taking place tonight at 8pm and continuing until June 2nd. For those of you interested – here’s the full schedule. Throughout the summer, there will be three more segments: Ibiza Docs (June 10th-12th), Ibiza International Film Festival (July) and Ibiza Film Labs / Closing Ceremony (October).

At Ibiza Shorts, you’ll have a chance to see some of the best short films made and the winners of this round will have their films screened at the Ibiza IFF by a jury of industry experts. A sub-category of this segment is the Balearic Spirit, which features content exclusively made in the Balearic Islands. The winner of this category, will join the rest of the Ibiza Shorts winners.

The prize for the Ibiza Shorts winners is that their films recieve post-production from Ibiza Film Labs, who will then promote their work and distribute it across various channels.

Ibiza Shorts will be judged by 3 panel members; Antonio Pérez Pérez founder of Maestranze Films, Sara de la Fuente co-founder of Mammut productions and Jonathan Debin a resident Hollywood producer.

Screenings of some new movies, classics and shorts will be located at different places around Ibiza, bringing a truly eclectic mix of indie films to the island. Whether you watch at a cinema or under the moonlight, get comfortable and enjoy!

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