Bring it on! It’s time for the Ibiza Karaoke


Mavi Iglesias Mavi Iglesias

Bring it on! It’s time for the Ibiza Karaoke
Add some glam to your special event with a karaoke experience and fancy costumes.

The origin of the word Karaoke comes from the Japanese language (kara > empty + ōkesutora > orchestra) and it means “a kind of entertainment in which people take turns to sing famous songs over a pre-recorded backing tape”.

So, how does it work? A big blow-up screen, microphones—and most importantly—bright, colourful costumes set up the Ibiza Karaoke combo, delivering the party straight to any villa or private venue.

In the beginning, Cinema Paradiso—the sister company of Ibiza Karaoke—hosted intimate movie nights at private locations, beach clubs, and city squares. But after seeing the enthusiasm of the people every time they did sing-along movie nights, they came up with a brand new party concept to bring a different and cool plan for those that would rather dance and sing, than lay back and watch a film.

Ibiza, known for offering all the options in the world when it comes to partying, now has an in-home, super fun party experience. No matter if it’s raining or if the winter has come to stay: just put on that nice wig you always wanted to try, a glitter jacket or a gorgeous ballerina tutu, grab a mic and let everyone else know who’s the boss.



No matter if you’re a professional singer or you can barely bark: it’s all about the attitude, the fun, and the opportunity to share a great and unique time with your friends, enjoying the music and the fabulous look of the gang.

As they say, music is the answer…

Contact: info@ibizakaraoke.com

+34 679 947 874

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