Cala Tarida: the widest, longest and friendliest beach on Ibiza’s west coast

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Mavi Iglesias Mavi Iglesias

Cala Tarida: the widest, longest and friendliest beach on Ibiza’s west coast
At this point in your Ibizan experience, I hope you’re familiar with the word cala. Calas are the most abundant type of beach here in Ibiza, and it literally means “a sheltered bay”. You’ll see that Cala Tarida is the best example of what Ibiza’s beaches have to offer. Here’s why:


Located just 6 kilometres from Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, between Cala Corral and Cala Molí, this beautiful sea inlet on the coast stands out for its great size. For those of you that are allergic to rocks-or if you’re not that dramatic and just prefer a sand beach-you’ll be safe in Cala Tarida, as it boasts fine and soft white sand. And of course, let’s talk about the crystal-clear waters: the marine and subaquatic conditions are ideal for water sports. You can take part in anything from snorkeling to scuba diving (there’s even a dive centre offering different activities).

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It’s also a perfect destination to arrive by boat, in which case, please remember to drop your anchor on a sandy area, 200 metres away from the coast, and never over the Posidonia. This endemic seaweed of the Balearic Islands is the most precious asset of Ibiza, as it naturally filters the waters and provides a habitat for many species. The problem is—as you can imagine—that it is disappearing fast, so we must protect it before it is too late.

If reading about the sea species makes you hungry… You’ll be happy to know this cala offers a wide variety of beach restaurants where you can taste some seafood specialties and of course, a nice glass of fresh sangría with natural fruits. If you’re traveling on a budget, don’t worry! There are also shops and a supermarket close to the beach.

You can get to Cala Tarida by ferryboat, bus—there is a regular service that comes from Sant Antoni and it is only a 15 minute ride away—, or car (in which case, you can park around the neighbourhood for free, but be patient, as the area gets a bit crowded during the season). Don’t fret though, the beach is so large you will definitely find a spot and once you’re there, you won’t want to leave.

The sunsets are something special… And the landscape is truly amazing. Enjoy your stay at one of the most beautiful beaches on the island!

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