Can n’Anneta, Bar Anita or just Sant Carles’ bar

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Can n’Anneta, Bar Anita or just Sant Carles’ bar

Discover one of the most legendary bars on the island where the hippie flame and the local traditions are still alive.

Located in the countryside way up north on the island and surrounded by almond, fig, and carob trees, the picturesque town of Sant Carles stands out for its colonial beauty and the vibrant, social atmosphere that each day and night take the street in front of Anneta’s bar.

Ca n’Anneta, back in the ’70s. Photo by Diario de Ibiza

Since the hippie movement of the 60’s that Anneta’s bar keeps attracting neighbours and islanders with its charming vibe, its famous homemade “hierbas ibicencas” (traditional herbal liquor) and a friendly and affordable menu.

Open since 1942 by Ana Marí Torres and Bartolomé Noguera Torres, the bar was and will always be a family business, running from generation to generation, offering a cozy and cultural meeting point for locals and visitors during the entire year.

In 2006, Ana Marí Torres received the Ramon Llull prize from the Government of the Balearics, in recognition of her hard work and expertise in the production of her “hierbas”, made according to the original family recipe and with a few extra touches she added listening to its current customers. This aniseed liqueur is produced by adding rosemary, lavender, fennel, chamomile, orange and other typical herbs from Ibiza, and its digestive qualities make it the perfect aperitif drink before or after any meal.

Regarding the food, there are different tapas on the bar that can be ordered at any time—such as fried octopus, pork or anchovies—as well as snacks, toasts, and other breakfast options, and a traditional and simple menu, which includes varied salads, pizza, burgers, pasta, tortillas, scrambled eggs, prawns, squid, and grilled emperor, among others. Dishes are abundant as you can see in the picture, so we recommend you to take a look at them first on the other tables, or ask the waiter for his honest opinion when ordering.

The staff is friendly and the place is always full of people, sometimes there’s a waiting list and it takes some time to find a table, so be patient and, if you can, go with time. The best thing about Ca n’Anneta it’s not the food, the drinks or the interior design, but just being there, relaxed, enjoying a cup of coffee and watching the people come in and out as if they were part of a living postcard at the heart of the town.


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As a curious fact, its walls are full of antique wooden mailboxes that are still operating (neighbours go daily and check if they have received anything), and original paintings made by the hippies that used to go there often and exchange their artworks for food or drinks, something quite normal in those days.

Ca n’Anneta opens all day during the entire year from 12:30 pm until midnight. And, from October to May, the kitchen operates from 12:30 pm to 4 pm and from 7 pm to midnight.

Whenever you’re looking for a charming and authentic bar in Ibiza, this is THE ONE.

Address: Lugar Barri San Carlos, s/n, Sant Carles.

Featured image: thesmallvillacompany.com

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