Delight your mind with the new collective exhibition at ADDA Gallery

Mavi Iglesias Mavi Iglesias

Delight your mind with the new collective exhibition at ADDA Gallery
Always with very interesting proposals, ADDA Gallery invites us next Wednesday, the 19th of September at 5 pm to the opening of their new photography exhibition: A Postcard From Utopia.

Eight talented photographers from different backgrounds, cultures, and countries, get together to share their work created on the island. See and discover the many faces of Ibiza through the lenses of artists from all over the world.

“Some come to find their spirit, others, their body. For some, it’s a hard journey, a place you’re washed up on after years of neglect; for others, it’s a pilgrimage saved up for, longed for, finally achieved. For the ‘pageses’, it is their home and has been for centuries and once the wanderers and tourists and artists and arrows of time have passed through, it will be their home for centuries more.”

Photo by Lina V Persson

Each photo tells a secret story, like the one in the cover of a mythical neighbour of Ses Salines, taken by Silvio Magaglio. From farmers frozen in time to the raw and unparallel beauty of naked women submerged in nature, it is clear as its waters that most of the times, Ibiza feels like a dream.

Es Vedrà, by Inés Schramm

If you want to know more of all the artists, click on their names and enjoy the ride:

Annelies Damen (NL)

Silvio Magaglio (FR)

Ines Schramm (DE)


Sofia Stendstrom (SE)

Lina V Persson (SE)

Daniel Balda (AR)

Barbara Piffre (CL)

Alex Soto (SP)

See you on Wednesday at ADDA Gallery!

Address: Carrer des Caló, 72-76, Sant Josep (in Cala de Bou, next to Sant Antoni)

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