Discover the Mercat Vell in Ibiza

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Discover the Mercat Vell in Ibiza
Built in the 19th century, and inspired by the architectural style of the antique Greek temples, the Mercat Vell is a living tradition in Ibiza.

The Mercat Vell is, as its name indicates, the old Ibiza market. It is located in the heart of the neighbourhood La Marina, in Plaça de la Constitució, right in front of the Portal de ses Taules: neither more nor less, than in the main access of the Walls.

The “Portal de ses Taules”, in Dalt Vila.

Jaume Riera built the place in 1873. A long time ago, it used to be the meeting point for the peasants that used to gather in town and sell the fruit and vegetables they had collected in the fields. Nowadays, this little market is still alive, offering the traditional fruit and vegetable stands, plus others, where you can buy beautiful flowers, meats, cheeses, wines, some snacks—like the legendary tuna bocatas (Spanish sandwiches)—and other organic products.

The Mercat is surrounded by restaurants with terrace, bars, and fashion stores, attracting both tourists and locals during the entire day and night. Have a coffee at The Croissant Show, enjoy dinner at La Bodega Ibiza, and then a romantic cocktail at Tirapallá, all at a walking distance, and just to name a few.



Whether if you live in Ibiza or you come for a few days only, now you know there’s no need to go far to enjoy a walk in the sun through one of the charming markets on the island.

Plaça de la Constitució, Eivissa.

Featured image: tourism.eivissa.es

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