Don’t miss the Calçotada Festival this Saturday

Mavi Iglesias Mavi Iglesias

Don’t miss the Calçotada Festival this Saturday
The calçotada (barbecued leeks festival) is a typical tradition of the Catalan gastronomic culture.

Tomorrow, Saturday 9 March, the Mercat de Forada in Sant Antoni will celebrate the first “Gran Calçotada de Forada”, an event that brings together the residents of the island to enjoy the legendary calçots, and a delicious afternoon with friends and family.

The Calçots will be cooked and ready to buy from 1 pm, and besides the food, there will be live music, cool activities for children, artisan beer Sa Llibreria de Forada, among others…


11:30 am – Ibango Projet
1 pm – IbizaSwingLab
2 pm – Fletxa Negra

If you are curious about how to eat it, after they cooked the leeks on the barbeque, they take the burnt layer of the spring onion away, leaving the soft, juicy core ready to go. Then, they dip the tip into the romesco sauce (made of red pepper, almonds or nuts, garlic, parsley, and tomato). And finally, they put the dripping calçot into the mouth rapidly (and repeat this sequence all the times they can handle). As you can see, there are tremendous chances of getting very dirty in the act, which is also a part of this deliciously fun tradition.

Are you coming?

Mercat de Forada Ibiza: PMV-812-1, 22, Sant Antoni.

Click on the link to find Mercat de Forada in Google Maps.

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