Don’t Miss These 5 Architectural Landmarks in Ibiza

Ibiza has long been known as a party capital, but what some might not know about are the hidden treasures found inside.

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Don’t Miss These 5 Architectural Landmarks in Ibiza
Ibiza’s stunning architecture is often over shadowed by its reputation of being the party city, which is a shame because there’s actually quite a lot to see! Although white villas are scattered practically everywhere (they don’t call it the white isle for nothing), you can be sure to find plenty of other landmarks across all cities on the island.

Dalt Vila

What better place to start than in Dalt Vila aka the “high town” of Ibiza’s city center. This place absolutely cannot be missed while on your trip to Ibiza, it’s a favourite of many visitors that come to the island. In fact, it’s so iconic that even UNESCO has classified it as a World Heritage site, what’s more convincing than that? The charm you’ll find as you walk through the cobbled streets, is seeing the dichotomy of residents going about their normal day whilst tourists awe at the sights. Once you reach the top of the walk, you’ll see the Playa d’en Bossa airport which you previously landed in, as well as Las Salinas, and most likely the tiny island of Formentera. Everything about this place feels picture perfect, the colours, the sea, and the warm sun shining down on you – enjoy the feeling and the views while you’re there, because who knows when you’ll see it again!

Las Boas

Las Boas is a newly built seven story, rainbow coloured, apartment building. The architect is none other than Jean Nouvel, whos vision for this project was to integrate all surroundings into one continued piece. Essentially, the pool merges with the sea, and the inspiration for the building’s curved shape comes from Italian theatres, intended to frame the view to the sea (acting like the backdrop). You don’t have to stay here the night, however we recommend passing by and just having a look at the landmark, because it’s undeniably unique – where else will you see a building like this?

Ibiza Cathedral

The cathedral sits right at the highest point of Dalt Vila, so you can kill two birds with one stone and see both landmarks in a visit. Be advised, it’s quite a steep hill to reach the top, so make sure that you’re relatively fit or you might not make it! Construction of this Gothic style Cathedral was finished by the 16th century, making it a truly historic site.

Montesol Hotel

Cafe Montesol is like the Grand Budapest Hotel of Ibiza and it’s been around since 1933, making it the oldest hotel on the island. Obviously its been through an upgrade, especially after the Hilton Hotel Group purchased it, gave it a make over and reopened it as the new and improved Montesol. The vibe of this hotel is pure class, luxury and decadence. Again, there’s no need to stay the night if you don’t want to, but you’ve got to pop by their cafe for a bite to eat or at least a coffee. Its location in the port of Ibiza is absolutely amazing and the atmosphere is always buzzing with people.

Casa Broner

Casa Broner has a very interesting origin story, as it was initially intended to be a home/studio for the german artist Erwin Broner who built it in 1960. After his death, the architecture of the house was so extraordinary and beyond its time, that it was deemed a cultural interest in 2000 and kept on the island of Ibiza as a tribute to Broner and a reminder of the intertwining of modern and past architecture.

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