Find the differences between Ibiza and Bali

Mavi Iglesias Mavi Iglesias

Find the differences between Ibiza and Bali
After spending two weeks in “The Island of the Gods”, I came back to Ibiza with a strong feeling of being at home and here, I tell you why.

Even though these beautiful islands are located in other continents and have a totally different culture, there is an undeniable connection between them that makes them quite similar in many aspects. Actually, let’s better connect the dots and forget about the differences, shall we?

The people.

In this case, I’m not talking about the locals but the tourists, expats, and visitors from all over the world. Bali is so world-friendly that English is spoken and welcomed almost everywhere, just as in Ibiza (compared to other corners of Spain). However, even if the Balinese and the Ibizan native people are totally different, its farmers keep their traditions alive, just like the pageses, which also gives to the folklore of the island a special charm.

The nature.

Breathtaking, beautiful, and abundant (doesn’t it sounds familiar?). In Bali, you can spend your days going to the best clubs and dining at the finest restaurants, but you can also get lost in the jungle or the countryside, enjoying its idyllic landscapes, beaches, cliffs, and infinite spots to catch the perfect sunset. Exactly as we describe our “White Isle”, Bali has many different faces, and all of them are spectacular.

Photo by @moritzklassen

The food.

I have to be honest: there’s nothing I enjoy more than the Mediterranean cuisine. However, there wasn’t one single day I’ve missed any of it. Asian food is truly delicious, rich, fresh, full of flavours, colours, textures… But, even if they don’t share the same ingredients or recipes, both islands have developed a very interesting gastronomic movement based on organic farming and permaculture. Vegans have a place in this paradise too (and, yes! Bali is extremely cheaper).

The vibe.

It was also in the late 1970s that a flock of hippies went on to explore Bali, especially the beaches of Kuta that attracted many surfers. This has contributed to celebrate the laid-back and free attitude and around the islands (including the kindness of the people, the boho-chic fashion, the design, and the slow, cool, and authentic lifestyle in general, always up for some fun).

Photo of a beach in Seminyak by @mrsvickyaltaie

The spiritual search.

Wherever we look at, we have Tanit or Bes protecting us; and so they have Brahma or Ganesha, among many others. But, speaking beyond religion, the yoga and meditation retreats are also one of its many attractions. I’ve spent almost half of my journey in Ubud, going every day to The Yoga Barn, and, believe me, they are all into it, just like in Ibiza with its wellness offering.

As you can imagine, I’m not the only one who has come to these points, and that is why after the season is over in Ibiza, you’ll find half of the residents in Bali, which brings to the entire experience the extra touch of familiarity.

If you are in love with Ibiza, trust me, you will certainly have a love affair with Bali when you come to visit.

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