Ibiza Photographers You Need to Know

The White Isle is the perfect backdrop for some beautiful shots, and these photographers certainly know how to capture them.

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Ibiza Photographers You Need to Know
Ibiza might be a small island, but there’s no shortage of talented photographers on hand, each of whom come with their own unique services and style. We’ve selected four of our favourites and provided a little summary about them, to help you decide which one suits what you’re looking.

Ana Lui Photography

Ana Lui’s services include photographs of interiors and portraits, with her work frequently featured in travel magazines such as Conde Nast. She describes her style being a direct link to her personality and the way she sees the world around her. Her best work usually comes from being in a state of inspiration from the people, nature, places and stories that she encounters.

Anna Walker

Anna Walker who formally goes by Ibiza Photography specializes in weddings, in her own words she loves to “capture those perfect Ibiza memories that last forever”. She tends to go for the natural, relaxed vibe when photographing couples, working closely with them to understand what they’re looking for, include them in the creative process and of course maintain a friendly relationship with them throughout.

Gypsy Westwood Photography

Gypsy of Gypsy Westwood Photography specializes in weddings (Ibiza being a hotspot for destination weddings) and portraits. Born and bred in Ibiza to English parents, she considers the island her home and credits her interest in photography to the creative environment that she grew up in (her mother being a designer and her father a photographer himself). Her name is widely recognized on the island from the numerous weddings she’s photographed and she also loves doing portraits of families, children, mothers and newborns. Her style is very much influenced by the peacefulness of Ibiza life, which prompted her approach of focusing on the seemingly ordinary details of life and taking advantage of the beautiful natural light on the island.

Jon Izeta

Jon Izeta photographs weddings, food, events, nature and most prominently sports. If you check out his Instagram you’ll see that it’s largely sports orientated, so if you’re looking for action filled photography then he’s the guy! Take a look at one of his videos below that will truly make you feel at peace!

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