Ibiza’s flavours: discover the island in a delicious way

5 delights your mouth is already watering about

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Ibiza’s flavours: discover the island in a delicious way
For all tastes and colours, in front of the beach or in the middle of the villages, each restaurant designs its menu according to its personality. But there are some things that no one can miss. If you haven’t tried them yet, the time has come:


Hierbas ibicencas

After any meal or before any sunset. This traditional aniseed-flavoured liqueur is a must. Made of their best aromatic plant extracts, with varying degree of sweetness and characterized by its amber colour, it is typically served in a glass with ice. It tastes like a forest, and it feels like heaven.

Bullit de peix

Cousin of the paella, this typical dish transports you to a fisherman鈥檚 family meal, all gathered around the pan next to the piers. It has a saffron flavour and it is enjoyed in steps: first you eat the fish of the day with potatoes, lobster or other seafood, and then you eat the rice in its sauce…. directly from the pan. Yummy!


Don鈥檛 trust people who don鈥檛 like mint, or at least, avoid kissing them unless you really really like them. This irresistible cake is a good way to know how kissable your meal partner is. Prepared with fresh cheese, eggs and mint, its consistency is soft, wet, and delicious.

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Fla贸 – Postre t铆pico de Ibiza que se elaboraba tradicionalmente el Domingo de Pascua. En la actualidad se puede encontrar durante todo el a帽o en restaurantes y pastelerias. Fla贸 – Aquestes postres t铆piques d'Eivissa s'elaboraven tradicionalment el Diumenge de Pascua. Actualment es poden trobar durant tot l'any en restaurants i pastisseries. Fla贸 – A typical dessert from Ibiza that was traditionally made on Easter Sunday. Now can be found all the year round in restaurants and bakeries. #santaeulariadesriu #ibiza #gastronomiaibicenca #postreibicenco #fla贸 #eivissa #gastronomy #gastronomiaeivissenca #visitsantaeulalia #dessert #traditionaldessertfromibiza #santaeularia

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Made of ensaimada (another typical sweet pastry), bread and other rests of food, it is one of the most popular desserts of the Balearics. Named after the form in which it is baked, in a potted vessel called greixonera, it is relative to a pudding. The ingredients are eggs, ensaimadas, milk, sugar, lemon, cinnamon and butter. It sounds exotic, and its taste is unique.


Only for meat lovers, it is a traditional raw, cured sausage made with pork, paprika and other spices. Sobrassada, along with botifarr贸, are typical meat recipes of the island and the Balearics. Enjoy it spread on a toast or however you prefer.

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#poachedeggs with #sobrassada

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