Lighthouses in Ibiza

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Lighthouses in Ibiza
Distributed around the island, the lighthouses of Ibiza stand out for its idyllic scenery.

Picture a gleam of light floating in the middle of the darkness or through the dense mist. Lighthouses are beautiful for aesthetic and metaphoric reasons. The call back home. The last part of the journey. The guidance from above. Some of these lighthouses are no longer in use, and some others are actually located on little islets next to Ibiza. However, these are the lighthouses built in Iiza:

Botafoc Lighthouse

If you arrive at Ibiza by boat, this is one of the first things you’ll see next to the port. Designed by Emili Pou and built by Andrés Roses, the construction started back in 1859, and opened its door two years after. It has a light pattern that occults every 7 seconds and a height of 16 m (located 31 m above the sea level).

Conillera/Conejera lighthouse

This white tower was designed and built by the same people than the previous one in Botafoc. It has a height of 18 m (it is 85 m above the sea level) and a light pattern of groups of 4 flashes every 20 seconds. It is situated on a small islet off the West coast of Ibiza, and in clear days it is visible from Sant Antoni.

Coves Blanques lighthouse

Inaugurated in 1897, this beautiful lighthouse is located in Paseo de Ses Variades in the famous Sant Antoni, at the west part of the island. However, it’s not working since 1970 and currently it operates as a historic museum, hosting different exhibitions.

Moscarter lighthouse

Located near Portinatx on the northern coast of the island, and designed by Fernando Moscardó y Rafael Soler, its construction began in 1975 but became operational later in 1978 due to different administrative problems. It is the tallest lighthouse in the Balearic Islands with an active focal plane of 52m, and its black and white spiral bands make it look pretty amazing!

Penjats lighthouse

Imagine the old days, when the lighthouse keeper and its family had to live there… No Netflix, no wifi, just… Water. This black and white striped tower attached to a little white cottage has a height of 17 m (27 m above the sea level) and its light pattern does 1 + 2 occultations every 14 seconds. Given the extremely hard living conditions suffered by the lighthouse keepers and their families—the only inhabitants that ever lived on this small islet—the lighthouse at Els Penjats was the first to be automated and remains like it since 1929.


Es Vedrà lighthouse

Located on our guardian and mythical island, Es Vedrà, this little lighthouse was designed by Mauro Serret and it opened in 1927. Its pattern light shots isolate flashes every 5 seconds. The light is now solar powered and remote controlled, as no one lives on the island for a looong, long time, except for the uncountable legends and some goats.

Na Bleda Plana lighthouse

Also designed by Mauro Serret, this white tower has a height of 8 m and it was opened back in 1924. The light pattern works in groups of 3 flashes every 15 seconds, and it is located in the small islet of Na Bleda Plana. As a curious fact, it is the westernmost lighthouse in the Balearic Archipelago.

Tagomago lighthouse

Located on Tagomago—a small and private isle off the shore of Santa Eulalia known by the many celebrities that go there to enjoy their holidays secluded from the press—it was built with the purpose of replacing the Punta Grossa lighthouse (which no longer operates). It has been automated since 1963.

I hope this article arouse your curiosity towards the island and help you to know a bit more about its magical corners.

And, as they say… Better follow the light!

Featured images: farsdebalears.com

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