LOS DOS: the coolest DJs emerging in Ibiza

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LOS DOS: the coolest DJs emerging in Ibiza
When I say emerging, I say it considering that we are already in the mecca of the electronic music, and there’s no higher place to reach. The truth is they’ve been playing together since 2015, and quite a few more years by their own. But, when they are together, they are pure magic, and little by little, this amazing duo is conquering the world with their music.


Nicolás Faletty (a.k.a. Y.E.S.) and Vitorino (a.k.a. SINASTASHYE) are two guys who will never go unnoticed. They emanate these cool vibes that only artists have. They met back in 2010 at Pacha, Nico working as a filmmaker and Vitorino, as a photographer. Each one is big in their speciality, and together, they are an explosive bomb of creativity. That is why besides their professions, their friendship grew fast and led them to share another of their biggest passions: the music.

Los Dos performing at The Zoo Project

When you ask them which kind of music they like to play, they say “music with soul, that’s the most important thing for us”. Mostly it is a variety of funky, house and deep sounds up to the experimental melodic techno. And you can tell that is true: wherever they go, people dance, laugh, and enjoy it just like them. With their fresh and honest attitude, they are breaking the barrier between the audience and the DJs who are too concerned about their performances and forget the most important thing: to have fun. When they are on stage, this deep connection they have is contagious, and as they keep surprising each other with the track they’ll choose next, the excitement runs from the cabin to the dance floor. More than back to back, they play side by side, like brothers.

Their music influences are amazing and of all kinds, like Hendrix, Piazzola, Etta James, Pink Floyd, Nina Simone, Queen, Ray Charles, Grand Master Flash, Vinicius, Gustavo Ceratti and Ricardo Villalobos, just to name a few. They believe in electronic music as the source that will allow the evolution of sounds, and they’re right. Now, they are producing their first EP together and the future looks bright. So, if you weren’t lucky enough to dance and get lost to their crazy rhythms yet, be ready because the upcoming dates are: Licoreta Club on Friday 29th June & 14th July in Veto Social Club, and 15th July all night long in The Zoo Project.


















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