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Magic, music and gastronomy come together under the stars at Cova Santa


Magic, music and gastronomy come together under the stars at Cova Santa
Cova Santa is one of the most mythical places in Ibiza. It has been at the center of epic moments on the island from the beginning of time.


Located in an idyllic spot in Sant Josep De Sa Talaia, the music scene at Cova Santa has always been at the center of its popularity. Today, the magic continues as Cova Santa hosts epic parties such as WooMoon, Storytellers, Midsommar and El Fabuloso. With each one, they bring top international DJs to the dance floor.

Based on the concept Naked, WooMoon’s new show is all about the real essence and raw beauty of the island. Colourful, circus performances and surreal rituals are celebrated to the rhythm of music while the Sun sets. The party continues on through the late hours when eventually, it’s time to go inside the cave.

Discovered in the 15th century, Cova Santa wasn’t opened to the public until 1957. The cove is only accessible through a crack that opens at the mountain leading to an impressive cave, over 75 metres deep. There, a spectacular landscape of stalactites and stalagmites await you. For those who are curious about the amazing energy of the place, you’ll love to know that originally, it served as a refuge for pirates.

This year, Cova Santa is opening a new and creative gastronomic experience led by the chef Ever Cubilla: Espai KruWhat makes the cuisine so special is how they prepare their raw specialties: sashimis, carpaccios, and tartares, among others. The fresh ingredients come from all corners of the world: Japan, China, Peru, Mexico, and Korea, just to name a few, and with them, their different culinary techniques.


If you want to enjoy a truly amazing gastronomic experience in one of the most magical spots in Ibiza, Fever invites you to check out the 14-course tasting menu they’ve prepared as a special treat. Visit the natural cave, enjoy a welcome cocktail inside, then head out under the stars, dine and dance like if it was the last day of your life. So, why settle for a single dish when you can try all the flavours of the world?

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Restaurant opening hours: From 20.30 pm to 1 am

(Closed Mondays and special events are hosted on Sundays)

Address: Ctra. San José, km 7 (desvío Sa Caleta) 07817 Ibiza