Meet the couple who fell in love with the help of a translator in Ibiza

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Meet the couple who fell in love with the help of a translator in Ibiza
Love triumphs again against all odds and after two years, they explain to us why.

The story that went viral last Friday begins like many other love stories. Chloe Smith (23), a British woman from Wolverhampton, was dancing at a famous club in Ibiza when she met Daniele Marisco (25), an Italian guy from Naples, Italy. They were both enjoying their holidays with their friends, and suddenly on the dancefloor, as soon as they saw each other, they felt a really deep and strong call… (The god Bes must be so proud of his performance!).

But when they tried to talk to each other, they realized that they couldn’t understand a word of what the other was saying so they had to use google translator to communicate. “There was something exciting about Daniele. The fact we couldn’t understand each other wasn’t a problem. We just clicked”—says Chloe—, “I made the first move and asked him for his number because I just found him so attractive…”.

Both of them love travelling together and exploring new cities

“Chloe talked and laughed a lot, but I didn’t understand. The only thing I understood was that she was special—Daniele added—, and we wanted to be together from the moment we met and that is why it worked. She helped me learn English and I have helped her learn how to cook Italian food. We have proved that we are meant to be. From the very start, I had a good feeling about Chloe. She is my soulmate”.

After their encounter in Ibiza, they stayed in contact and soon they decided to meet again in Spain. “Some people thought I was crazy when I went to Barcelona with him after only knowing him for one week but I just knew it would be the best decision I could ever make. Within six months, we had probably been on more city breaks than some couples have in years—says Chloe—and we are happy. He is spontaneous and that’s what I love“.

Things went more serious when she went to live with him and his family in Naples, 2016. For her, it was a dream come true. Now, they are living together in Streatham, South London, where she works as a makeup artist and he, as a bartender in an Italian restaurant. If you hear any little dark voice doubting of the success this kind of relationships could have, remember how many legends, movies, books, and love stories, are about two people from different origin or condition that do all they can to be together. Love is brave, love is the opposite of fear.


And I guess that when the music stops, the people freeze, and you see rays of light and love emanating from the eyes of a familiar stranger in front of you… You know: you’re falling in love.

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