Misconceptions From the Netflix Movie Ibiza

With the movie drifting around our netflix's, let's see what's legit and what's not

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Misconceptions From the Netflix Movie Ibiza
Ibiza is another one of the many ‘girl trip’ movies that have increasingly become more popular and dominant within the comedy genre. Since its release, its been brought to public knowledge that the movie wasn’t actually filmed in Ibiza! So, considering the events of the movie are actually taking place in Croatia, we thought it would be funny to analyze the many “Ibiza” stereotypes that take place in the movies. Be advised: spoilers ahead!

1. People in Ibiza are constantly on something

The whole movie is pretty much one long drug trip for the three girls, it seems like every single party they go to they’re on some kind of drug. Although this is not completely inaccurate the main stereotype is that the locals equally partake in such behaviour, when in reality the main drug use comes from the massive amounts of tourists that come on holiday looking to “have some fun”.

2. Spanish people have at least 4 names

Again, there is some truth to this ‘stereotype’ but the way the movie makes it seem that everytime a Spaniard introduces themselves, they’ve got to include every single name – which anyone who’s every known a Spaniard or lived in Spain is absolutely ridiculous.

3. It’s Ib-ee-tha not Ib-ee-zaa!

I’m sure everyone who knows how to pronounce Ibiza properly were all equally annoyed! However, what else is new? American’s attempting to speak Spanish is always cringe-worthy.

4. Spanish men are all casanova/playboy types


Almost every Spanish man that was introduced as a character approached the girls with a playboy vibe that left little to the. This is definitely an existing stereotype that is perpetuated in a lot of American made films… spanish gals – what do you think, is it accurate or an over-exaggeration?

5. Everyone is hippy/spiritual but to an unnessecarily extra level

So it’s not surprise that Ibiza is known for being very laid-back and obviously hippy to a certain extent due to the lifestlye and of course famous hippy markets, but this movie takes it to the next level! Characters from Ibiza are always introduced on drugs or proposing some weird sexual activities

Those are the main misconceptions / stereotypes we found from the movie, what are your opinions about it? Do you agree with us?


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