Na Coloms, the cave of light

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Na Coloms, the cave of light
Na Coloms, popularly known as “La Cueva de la Luz”, is one of the most secret and hard-to-get places on the island.

For those who haven’t heard about it yet, it is a cave located in the north of the island, in Cala D’Albarca, a few metres from the sea level. The water from the sea enters through an underwater gallery, forming a natural swimming pool. As you can imagine, its nickname is inspired by the reflections of sunlight that illuminate the whole cave, especially under the midday sun.

The fact that only a few people know this corner of the island is because it is located in a practically inaccessible place. Only the most adventurous, divers and climbers dare to visit, as there is no sign indicating how to arrive, and the road is quite dangerous, especially in the final stretch, which is going down a very large and steep stone wall.

An important aspect to consider: the jump from the rocks to the water is quite high, and once you’ve jumped, there’s no turning back. The only way to get out of the water is swimming through the underwater tunnel to the outer seashore. There were several cases of people who were trapped there because they could not climb back and had to be rescued, and it is also said that many years ago they found a body without life, so it is very important that if you go, do it with someone who knows, take everything you need for adventure (fins, goggles, and water for the ride), and do it very carefully.

To get there, half the way is done by a dirt road, which becomes an abandoned stone road, built to access to an old stone house, which is now in ruins. From there, you must go down and down to the cave of the light. Along the way, you will find the font or “Aigueta de Na Coloms”, a small spring that probably gave the name to the cave.

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I’ve been there with hikers friends last week. Winter is a perfect time to go, as it can take an hour and a half to go down, and a little less to come back. But as it gets quite intense, in summer it must be super exhausting. The walk was beautiful (and quite challenging, so I really don’t imagine myself jumping there). If you have vertigo, or you are not in your best shape, please avoid this excursion and make any of the other hiking routes that are more friendly, because it can become a nightmare.

On the way I found myself collecting cans and abandoned plastics, so if you go, please remember not leaving any traces of garbage. Let’s take care of the island, and enjoy its marvellous nature.

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