‘Pagès’ style: how to love and be loved by locals

Mavi Iglesias Mavi Iglesias

‘Pagès’ style: how to love and be loved by locals
Pagés means farmer in Catalan language. This means that it’s not only natural for them to take well care of their island and its people, but also to expect the same from the 3 million people who come to this Mediterranean paradise each year.

Here you have a few tips to consider if you want to feel part of this wonderful community, and leave the guiri label behind:

Get into Ibiza mode.

As soon as you arrive, you will notice the difference between the island and the big cities. Time pass by in a cinematographic slow motion, so put on the ‘holiday chip’ (the whole year) and wait patiently for your ‘patatas bravas’ or you will see why ‘bravo’ means not only spicy, but fierce. And remember, your smile will be your best friend. Take it with you and use it as the most powerful passport. They are joyous people and express their friendship with no shame: hugs, kisses, kind words, everything is welcome when it comes from the heart. Here’s a very interesting documentary to understand why Ibiza is so unique (it is in Spanish, but it is perfect to practice a little bit, and the footage images worth watching):

Enjoy the peace of nature.

Like Björk sings… It’s oh so quiet! Until a group of friends arrive to the beach with the loudest sound system you could imagine, screaming to each other because they can’t hear anything else but that awful tiniiiiiitus after a non-stop week of partying. Well, we’ve all been there (mostly if you live in Ibiza). And, let’s be clear, the people of Ibiza love freedom, as long as it doesn’t goes against others. To put it in other words, when you go to the beach or the countryside, flow with the ambience. Make the experience as fun for all as it is for you. And yes, you can get naked. As we said, they like it all natural… This also means you have to be absolutely respectful with nature and for no reason leave any garbage abandoned after you. Our precious Mediterranean sea is in danger. Let’s keep it clean, together.


Drive with dignity.

The fact that you’re not in your town—where your daddy can see you—doesn’t mean that you are all free to go crazy on the roads! Even more, if you actually were in your town, why would you do that anyway? It’s time to show everybody how gentle you are: drive safe, respect the signs, the speed limits, the parking restrictions… and most of all, the people. In case you didn’t know, if you throw things through your car’s windows, a portal to hell opens automatically! And we’re not joking, the fire season is a very serious matter. Be conscious, be kind, and all will be just fine.


Be curious of their traditions.

Saying that Ibiza is just nightclubs and parties is like taking a selfie on the beach without even stepping on the sand. There’s so much more to do! Don’t be shy… Every town has its own festivities: you’ll find music live shows, people on the streets having fun, excellent food and drinks at friendly prices… until late hours. The pagés folk dance is something to see. Not to mention the gastronomy: if there is something they know, it is to enjoy with all the senses. Try their seafood, the cakes… The herbs! ‘Hierbas ibicencas’ are a must. Get lost in the streets of every village, in the countryside, go hiking, and fall in love with the sunsets as they do, it’s something you’ll never get tired of. The island is a world to discover and its inhabitants are delighted to share it because they know: its beauty has no owner.

To be continued…

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