Portal de Ses Taules

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Portal de Ses Taules
Situated between the bastions of Sant Joan and Santa Llúcia, the main entrance to Dalt Vila is truly majestic.

Standing tall, far away at the other side of the bridge that connects the walled enclosure of Ibiza with the rest of the city, the Portal de Ses Taules is one of the most emblematic images of Ibiza. The fortification was built between 1584 and 1585 to protect Puig de Vila, the highest part of the Ibizan capital, which extended over a surface area of 10 hectares and a perimeter of 1,800 metres. Since 1999 that it is considered a World Heritage Site by the Unesco.

Over the gateway hangs a massive plaque with the imperial coat of arms and crown. And, on both sides of the gateway, there are twoRomann statues (replicas of the marble originals that are kept in the Archaeological Museum of Dalt Vila).

As soon as you cross inside you’ll find the wonderful “Pati d’Armes” (Armoury Courtyard), which is not only beautiful by its architecture, but thanks to the magical atmosphere that you feel inside.

Musicians, tourists enjoying the walk, residents enjoying their wonderful island… And that special energy that floats in some corners of Ibiza, where you can tell that history was written there.

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