Robert De Niro in Ibiza for Official Opening of Nobu Hotel

Notorious chef Nobu Matsuhisa, De Niro and crew grace Ibiza with their presence as they perform the Sake ceremony

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Robert De Niro in Ibiza for Official Opening of Nobu Hotel
Nobu has long established its brand within the sphere of prestigious restaurants, but its story of how it gained this reputation is quite interesting and possibly one that might not be that well known.

Without getting too much into the whole history, we’ll sum up the most crucial detail of the story that relates to why De Niro himself flew out to Ibiza. Basically, Nobu started out from genuine humble beginings, with a small sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills. One day, De Niro happened to stumble upon the place, loved the food and proposed Nobu to open another chain together in New York. Several years later in 1994, once Nobu had gained more success within the community, the two of them opened a restaurant together in New York and not to anyone’s surprise, it quickly became one of the most exclusive spots in NYC, always busy and filled with A-List celebrities.

Fast forward about 20 years later, Nobu has created its own empire with restaurants in every continent in the world and its own hotel chain. Over the past couple of days, there have been 3 back to back sake barrel celebrations starting off in Shoreditch then Marbella and lastly, Ibiza. Kagami-biraki is a traditional Japaneese ceremony that involves breaking the lid of a sake barrel with a wooden mallet afterwhich the sake is shared with everyone in attendance, this ceremony represents the opening to harmony and good fortune.

Yesterday was the end of the celebrations, with the concluding ceremony taking place in Ibiza at the Nobu Hotel and it honestly looked amazing! Robert De Niro was quoted saying how much he loves Ibiza and how excited he was to celebrate with everyone. Take a look at a few pictures below if you haven’t seen it yet!

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