Join the Sant Antoni Fest 2019

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Join the Sant Antoni Fest 2019
From today Friday 11 until Tuesday 5 March, enjoy all the activities and celebrations in the town of Sant Antoni.
If there is a beautiful tradition on the island, it is the celebration of the festivities of each town. For a couple of weeks, people go out into the streets, competitions are open for those who want to test their skills, and the squares get ready to welcome the neighbours and visitors with pop-up markets, food stands, music concerts, and much more. Here’s the agenda for this weekend:
Friday 11 January

Location: tent of the municipality at the Passeig de Ses fonts.
7 pm – Fest inauguration by Toni Vingut Riggall.
7.30 pm – Welcome to the outstanding athletes of 2018.

Saturday 12 January 

10 am – Karate Trophy, in charge of the SAMYD Sports Association at the Sa Pedrera Sports Centre.
4 pm – Open doors at the Moli d’en Simó. Traditional works by professors and students of the Artisan Association of Portmany.
4 pm – Chess Tournament at Espai Jove.

4:30 pm – CN Portus Swimming Competition (all categories) in the municipal pool of Can Coix.
6 pm – Be happy, be hippy. Great Flower Kids Festival in the tent of the municipality at Passeig de Ses fonts.
7:30 pm – Flower Party “Un Altre Oci” inspired in the style of the 60s and 70s. From 12 to 21 years old at Espai Jove.
10 pm – Big Flower Party. Itinerant musicians, Flea Market, Psicodeco, in the tent of the municipality at Passeig de Ses fonts, and some other streets in town.

Sunday 13 January

9 am – Fishing Competition. Free test at the Bay organized by the Pesca Club Sant Antoni.
11 am – XXXVIII Dance, music and popular songs of our land Festival, organized by Sa Colla de Can Bonet, at Regio cinema.
5 pm –Tir amb bassetja” championship Ibiza 2019, at the field next to the Cooperativa.


Among the upcoming events: run races, Hip Hop festival, vinyl party, screenings at the cinema, basketball show, history seminars, mountain bike race, folklore exhibition, paella and matanza contests, and more… To see the entire program, click here.

“Arroz de matanza” competition, photo by santantoni.net

Bring your family and your friends, and join the Sant Antoni Fest!

Featured image: visitsantantoni.net 

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