Savannah Ibiza Sunset Strip: a temple to worship the sun, the delights and the beats


Savannah Ibiza Sunset Strip: a temple to worship the sun, the delights and the beats
Located in front of the sea and witness each day of one of the most famous sunsets in the world, Savannah displays all its charms and invites you to enjoy a day of gourmet pleasures, far from the routine.

Since Savannah Ibiza opened its doors for the first time in 1997, thousands of people have passed by the legendary terrace in Sant Antoni and raised their glasses to toast, inspired by the beauty of the landscape.

Some arrive early from 11 in the morning with a craving for a good brunch, and others stay until the last hours of the night enjoying a wide menu that goes from seafood, meat and summer salads to classic dishes of the house, all to the rhythm of the renowned resident DJs.

But the experience does not end there, as in addition to the mouth-watering food and the live sets that put everyone to dance—even if seated—in Savannah you can learn how to make cocktails while you taste them and have fun.

Living in Ibiza and not knowing the art of mixology is like living in Paris and not getting a clue about fashion. You never know when you will be invited to the next party, even less when you wish to impress that person you really like with a delicious Porn Star Martini made by you, while the world disappears in slow motion behind you, in an irresistibly hypnotic act…


Discover the Brunch and cocktail class combo that Savannah and Fever have prepared for you, here. 


Address: Carrer del General Balanzat, 38, Sant Antoni.

Opening hours: From 11 am to the late hours (food served until 1 am).


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