The almond blossom in Ibiza, as dreamy as it can be


Mavi Iglesias Mavi Iglesias

The almond blossom in Ibiza, as dreamy as it can be
From mid-January to early March, enjoy one of the most beautiful times of the year on the island.

Especially in the surrounding areas of Santa Agnes (Santa Inés) at the Corona Valley, and in some parts of Sant Josep (San José), Sant Joan and Sant Miquel, the landscapes turn suddenly white and pinkish when the almond fields flourish to offer us a spectacle that looks, smells and feels amazing.

Almond trees in Sant Joan. Photo by Can Planells

You can drive around freely, or you can join one of the many walks that are organised and share the experience with others. There’s one particular walk that is quite cool, as it is held in the night during the full moon in February.

If you want to participate in the “Anem de lluna i mirem-nos sa flor” walk, go to the municipality’s tent at Passeig de Ses Fonts, a little bit before 8 pm on 16th February, and join the group. Sometimes, at the return, the APIMA association offers sobrassada, café Caleta (a traditional hot coffee with liquors, perfect to warm up the body after the adventure), and some other snacks and drinks.

Almond tree under the moon light. Photo by Hive Mind

So, here’s another opportunity to appreciate the wonderful gifts of nature and be grateful for the precious island where we’re living in. And, if you’re not in Ibiza but you’re planning to come this year, think about it. For sure, it’s a different party to assist, where Tanit is the DJ, there’s no entrance fee, and everyone’s a VIP.

Enjoy this enchanting experience and remember to share it with us tagging @secret.ibiza on your pics!




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