The top 10 discoveries of the year

Mavi Iglesias Mavi Iglesias

The top 10 discoveries of the year
It’s always comforting to look back and be grateful for the good things that happened, so here we go…

I dare say that 2018 was an incredible year, and very intense, too. We’ve all changed: work, house, relationship status, old and new habits, self-awareness, or in whatever field of your life you’ve felt it. CHANGE was there. Even if some things were there before, maybe we just hadn’t the chance to experience them until now, and this is what this article is all about… Whatever made us feel something new, and exciting.

Now, let me present you the very best of 2018:


The app that revolutionized the most important cities in the world came to the island. Those who have travelled to London, New York, L.A., Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia, Dubai, Manchester or Lisbon, already know that. The coolest plans are on Fever. Check it out if you want to know what to do and see in Ibiza.

Saturdays in La Huerta
Cinema Paradiso

It’s everything you love at the same time: cool movies + chill atmosphere + fresh popcorn + starry skies + Ibiza. Every time I went to any of the screenings, I had a great time. Some of the movies were my favourites of all times, and having the chance to enjoy them this way, in such spectacular locations, was amazing.

Kayaking with Esencia Viva

No matter if you come on vacation or you live here. Exploring the island by kayak and getting to know places you couldn’t reach another way, it’s an experience you will never forget. Most of all, if such nice people like Raúl guide you on the adventure. Snorkel around, jump from a cliff (if you dare) and enjoy the landscape.

Mecal Air Short Film Festival

Oh, my, if I’ve enjoyed this festival. For the first year in Ibiza, but counting with 20 years of experience in Barcelona, they brought to the island the best international short films and icy beers to indulge all of our senses. Showcasing different themes on each session, all the nights were joyful and inspiring. Next year, I hope to see you all there.

La Imprenta

What I like so much of La Imprenta, is this “city glam” feeling, mixed up with the laid-back spirit of Ibiza. You can enjoy some tapas with a glass of cava, wine or beer (whatever suits you), or have dinner and enjoy the spectacular cabaret show inside. Live music and a chic atmosphere, to your delight.


Es Mercat

Ibiza was missing a place like this. The food is delicious, the drinks are fabulous too, the interior design makes you feel like home, and so does the staff. They’re cool, they’re fun, and they know what they do. I call it the new meeting point on the island, especially for those who won’t surrender to winter.


You might be thinking: “What is the discovery here?”, if Pacha is one of the biggest legends in Ibiza. Which means that you probably didn’t notice the spectacular new lighting system or the total refurbishment they did to the entire place. Honouring its essence and authenticity, but bringing more comfort and love to each space, Pacha keeps showing to the international electronic music scene how things must be done.


Another big word when we talk about Ibiza’s nightlife. It is much more than a club. It is like an artistic temple where magic is alive, and things are happening all the time. Every time I went dancing, I had so much fun… People are kind and friendly—so much that it gets hard to tell the difference between the VIP and the dance floor—and wherever you are, you just love it. Plus, the music sounds perfect, which is a big deal for those who care about it. If you don’t know yet where are you celebrating New Year’s Eve… Now you know.

Ibiza Sabor

I choose it for obvious reasons, highlighting the fact that FOOD is a crucial matter to me. If you’re that passionate about it as I am, then I hope you’ve enjoyed the last edition of the festival. For those who don’t know it yet, it is a gastronomic festival where the finest restaurants design a special menu using local products and based on traditional recipes, with a fixed price of 25 €.

Nassau Beach Club
The Ibiza Jazz Festival

Another big event that is held every year in Ibiza, but this year it was very special, as it was the 30th anniversary of the festival. The program was truly extraordinary, and professional bands from all over the world went on stage to prove it. This is the kind of cultural events that we all should support, perfect to enjoy with the family, your tinder date, or alone. It’s all about the bass!

Thank you to all the people that shared their experiences with us on Instagram and Facebook, and let’s see what 2019 will bring into our lives!

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