One Day in Ibiza

Whatever the reason may be, you've found yourself on the White Isle for 24 hours. There's so much to do, but where do you start and how do you possibly pick? The good news is we've got you covered with our top picks to help you make the most out of your day!


First things first, brekkie! I think we can all agree that there’s no better way to start your day than with a healthy and hearty breakfast, right? The Skinny Kitchen has a delicious selection of meals, and best of all you can indulge completely guilt-free!

The Skinny Kitchen started in the UK with the goal of taking popular meals and recreating them with clean and healthy ingredients, all the while making sure they still taste good. A couple of years later, they’ve moved to Ibiza and opened two branches. Lets be honest, all of us want to eat healthy but sometimes it’s hard when there’s so many other tempting foods around like pizza…or…pasta, which is what makes the Skinny Kitchen so great – they have all your favourite foods, just cooked in a way that’s actually nourishing for your body! However, if you prefer a good old fashioned greasy breakfast then you can also check out our article about the top brunch spots on the island for some other ideas.


Address: Ibiza West End (Open daily 10am – 7pm), Ibiza Marina (opening soon)


Obviously if you’ve only got a day to spend in Ibiza, you can’t miss going to the beach! What better way to relax after eating breakfast, than to head down to the beach and bask in the warm sunlight and ocean waves? To make things even easier for you, we chose three very different beaches for you and broke down everything you need to know about each of them. If you’re looking for the party beach then Las Salinas is undoubtedly the place to go, if you appreciate tranquility then Cala Codolar is by far the most peaceful and if you’re sort of in the middle of party and tranquility then Cala de Sant Vincent offers you the best of both worlds.


For those of you that lead an active lifestyle, we recommend you try out the Ibiza kayaking, however don’t be intimidated by this if you’re more of a chiller. Kayaking is fun for everyone and you get to see the gorgeous sights the island has to offer in the process. Come with your family, friends, or even alone and be prepared to get in a little workout but also cruise along the water as a guide shows you the way. Oh and by the way, you should probably know that it’s totally normal to spot dolphins merely meters away as you row on by, sounds like an absolute dream doesn’t it!


What would a holiday be if it didn’t revolve around food? After kayaking you must be famished, which means it’s lunch time! Aubergine Ibiza offers a traditional Mediterranean cuisine, the answer to all your hummus cravings! In continuation with the healthy tone we set from breakfast, they bring you a ‘farm to table’ concept so you know that all of the ingredients are the freshest Ibiza has to offer. You can come here with your friends, family, kids, whoever you may like because the space is big and versatile enough to accomodate anyone!

Address: Carretera de San Miquel, Km 9.9 between Santa Gertrudis and Sant Miguel. Open Wednesday-Sunday 12pm – 6pm.


What better way to burn off all the calories from lunch than shopping?! You might think that Ibiza doesn’t have anything to offer you other than a few tacky souvenir shops, but you couldn’t be more wrong…after all, Ibiza is home to the famous hippy markets. Check out our article on the best markets and thrift stores to get some ideas on where to go, and if you want to bring back a few “only in Ibiza” trinkets then you can read our article on the best souvenirs shops as well.


Everyone knows that after a long hard day of shopping, there’s nothing more appealing than sitting down and having a refreshing drink. S’Escalinata is an Ibiza classic, so you know that we had to include it on our list! As you can see in the instagram picture, the set up is quite unique as seating is spread out across multiple downhill steps. Not only can you get good drinks for cheap, you can also take a fab picture – what more can you want!

Address: Carrer Portal Nou, 10, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears. Open daily 10am – 3am 


What would this list be if we didn’t end it with another place to eat (and drink?) After the aperitivo, you’re probably a little bit peckish again, so why not get started on your dinner! Bambuddha is definitely the classy way to end the night, serving up a fusion of Mediterranean and Asian food, which lets be honest, is the best combo! This is the last stop on the Ibiza in 24h tour, so take it easy and have a long dinner which turns into drinks! It’s time to celebrate, you’ve eaten a lot of good food, seen some amazing sights (hopefully dolphins too!) bought some quirky finds and made it through to the end of our list, bon apetit!

Address: Diseminado P 25 Sta Gertrudis, 1, 07814, Islas Baleares. Open daily 7pm – 3am

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