#Trashtag: the new challenge that is changing the world arrives in Ibiza

Published by the CNN, the BBC, The Guardian, Diario de Ibiza, and plenty of media around the world, the #trashtag challenge spread quickly.

On Instagram, there are already 28000 posts tagged and the number keeps growing. Finally, there is an actually cool challenge that is going viral…

In case you don’t know what is it about, it is quite simple: you just have to find a dirty spot in a public area (our beaches really need us), then clean it, and take the “before/after” photo to share it on your social media including the #trashtag when posting.

After so many years of contamination, immersed in a global lack of consciousness, the planet is finally being aware of the massive problem of waste, and also doing something to fix it.

Thanks to the #trashtag challenge that numerous natural parks and beaches are benefiting from the solidarity action of thousands of people. From Mexico to Morocco, Australia, Switzerland, or Nepal, the cleaning tsunami doesn’t stop.

Do you accept the challenge?

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