Where to get cool gifts for Christmas

Mavi Iglesias Mavi Iglesias

Where to get cool gifts for Christmas
Considering that we are only one week away from Christmas, here is all you might need to find the perfect gift in Ibiza.

Where to buy? What to give? Why are we always waiting until the last minute to do the Christmas shopping? Probably it’s because it is not fun… But we can make it better!

Going to a specific place where you can buy all the gifts at once, it’s what I call “a Christmas miracle”. And it’s not as complicated as it seems:

Christmas Markets

In Plaza del Parque, Vara de Rey, and Las Dalias, the traditional Christmas markets are open and smelling deliciously sweet this year! Artisan gifts are unique, more creative, and have a special value. Support local products and artists, and find beautiful handmade candles, clothes, accessories, games, and much more… Plus, you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate after the adventure.

Las Dalias market


Friendly and suitable for all types of budgets and tastes, Natura offers all kinds of items, from Rudolf Christmas glasses—oh yeah, they will never be out of fashion—to scented candles, cool lamps, fun games, photo frames, and even Teddy robes to hibernate like a pro. If you are out of ideas, just pass by and the inspiration will come along.

Find yours at Natura

Zara Home

Classic, sophisticated, contemporary. There’s always something that smells and feels nice, here. From kitchenware and decorations to cushions, fluffy blankets, and slippers with glitter… If you need a shiny detail, come inside and see. Apparently, it wasn’t the Grinch who stole the Christmas spirit… It was Zara Home! And they sell it back for a reasonable price.



Has your loved one been a good boy or girl this year? Or even better: have you been a good person in 2018? Then, it’s time to smash that piggy bank and get something really nice. So nice and big that it would only fit in the living room. This way, you make it look like it’s a gift for your partner, but it’s not. Christmas fever is dangerous… And, in case there’s any doubt, just write on the card: sharing is caring, my love!


The best present you can give to people like me it’s a book or a calendar. No scarfs, no socks—let’s admit it: we all have so many of those that if we would tie them, our creation could cross the Great Wall of China—. When you give a book, you are actually giving infinite universes and moments of pure pleasure and relax, opening a portal between the reader and a genius mind. Both located in Ibiza town, they also take orders in case they don’t have what you’re looking for:

Hipérbole: Carrer del Bisbe Carrasco, 1-3, Ibiza.

Papelería Sa Cultural: Carrer del Bisbe Abad y Lasierra, 11, Ibiza.

Now, prove Santa who’s the real boss this Christmas! 

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