Why a kayak & snorkel adventure in Ibiza can change your life

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Why a kayak & snorkel adventure in Ibiza can change your life
When you come to Ibiza, you listen everybody talking about the “other” Ibiza that is not always partying. But it’s time to say it: the true face of the island is the one you can see while you’re floating in the sea. And it’s so beautiful…


Raúl, owner and creator of Esencia Viva Ibiza, guided us wisely on this incredible adventure around the north of the island, and the experience was beyond all expectations. We met at Cala Xarraca (tours are also available from Cala Benirrás), and before we notice, we were grabbing the oars like professionals and ready to row.

The colour of the sea is the first thing that strikes your soul. Only a minute away from the coast, the bright turquoise already conquers the whole picture. Above us, the blue sky. Below, the crystalline sea. The breeze, the sun, the salty smell and the seagulls squawking around… make you instantly forget about last night at the nightclub.

On the first part of the excursion, we learnt how to jump on and off the kayak. It sounds challenging, but as they are sit-on-top kayaks (impossible to sink) before you notice you’re standing on them like a real yogi and enjoying the first bath like a happy seal. Raul doesn’t see this experience as a kayaking, but rather as “sea trekking” and a means of transport to reach different points of the island and to practise different exciting activities. Among them: entering to spectacular sea caves, climbing, practising deep-water soiling, free jump, snorkelling, and discovering hidden corners with impressive rock formations, known as fossil beaches.


Through the journey, he shared with us interesting tips to keep exploring the island and have a better understanding of this precious Mediterranean coast and its countryside. He and his wife Laia have another interesting agricultural project named S’anima Herbs where you can enjoy different workshops and farm activities to learn about all the benefits of the local medicinal plants in a rural and charming environment. They are the kind of people who are deeply committed to change the planet, and the spirit is contagious.

We learnt a lot about finding our balance, team working, leaving our fears behind and appreciating the time spent in nature. For sure, it is an experience we will never forget. Every time you jump into the water, it feels like you’re born again. And three hours after we started, we were already friends, laughing about our unknown skills outside the dance floor. It was perfect to gain some perspective, sometimes life goes faster than we think and having this kind of moments is essential to reconnect, have fun, breathe… and feel absolutely blessed.

If you want to enjoy the adventure too, click here.

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