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Winter is safe, Es Mercat Ibiza is here to stay

Mavi Iglesias Mavi Iglesias

Winter is safe, Es Mercat Ibiza is here to stay
Warming up the streets of the city with its golden glow and friendly spirit, Es Mercat is the flame of hope we’ve been asking for a long time.

Located in Ibiza town, just 5’ walking from the main avenues, Es Mercat is the new star on the island, open all year round. With a modern and stylish design, honouring the essence of the natural elements like wood and iron, the place was built from zero.

One of my fav: delicious and homemade croquetas!

The story began a few years ago when Juan Olmos and Jeremías Monti met at Lío Ibiza. Juan was the Bar Manager, and Jere was the Staff Manager, and after 4 years working together, they’ve realized that both shared the same dream. So, they joined forces and started to look for a place of their own, until an empty shop on a big corner appeared…

Later, Ben Fawle and Pablo Olmos jumped on board the project as partners, and finally, the chef Jordi Lloberol completed the actual team. With love, work, dedication, and counting with the help of many friends they’ve met along the way, Es Mercat came true.

Born as a meeting point for friends and neighbours who want to go out, try new things and enjoy top quality food and drinks in a cozy ambience—also during the winter time—its name, “the market”, responds to the possibility people have to buy and take home any of the products they offer, from fresh fish and premium ham to groceries or a fine bottle of wine.

There is a before and after the Navajas

Far from being too cool or extravagant, Es Mercat celebrates the authentic flavours and style of the traditional Spanish cuisine, adding a touch of creativity and highlighting the quality of the food (with fresh and local products only), the cocktails, and the selected winery.

They know a good staff is also fundamental to a successful business, and that is why they’ve formed a young but experienced and cool team, with whom you can chat passionately about wines, food, coffee or mixology (7 of them are taking Sommelier classes now, so I really mean it).


Cut at the moment by expert hands

Each day, there is a day menu from 12 pm to 4 pm, in addition to the fixed menu and the suggestions of the day, with the freshest seasonal products. For the cheese lovers; the seafood addicts; the lords of the meat; the dessert queens; and all those you can think of… Es Mercat has nice surprises waiting to satisfy all your cravings.

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