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World Family Ibiza: the story behind Ibiza’s totally unique fashion brand

Mavi Iglesias Mavi Iglesias

World Family Ibiza: the story behind Ibiza’s totally unique fashion brand
Necklaces, handbags, dresses, boots, carpets and endless other handmade garments decorate their famous shops around the world and even the runways of Paris. No matter how much is said about this impressive family, their story is one that will never cease to amaze.

If there’s one thing this family can’t do, it’s go unnoticed. Bright coloured rays emanate from them; it’s as if they were taken straight from the pages of a fashion magazine. And, it’s true.

The creators of World Family Ibiza, Alok and Merel, met at a time of change in both of their lives. Merel arrived in Ibiza in 1994 with her children Goldie and Asher, and Alok came a year later with his daughter Carlota. Cupid’s arrow hit them both with the magical energy of love, and taking advantage of that force, they began to travel the world. The fruits of their love, Gaya, Rama, and Karuna were born soon after.

Their passion for traveling and getting to know new cultures led them to wonderful destinations such as Morocco and India. There they spent several months exploring and buying materials from families they met along the way. Beyond the talents of their suppliers (they are in contact with artisans from all over the world: Colombia, Mexico, India, Afghanistan, Peru, just to name a few) what they value most are the relationships they’ve created over the years.

The name of the brand came to be after they came to the realization that no matter what corner of the world we come from or how different our cultures may be, we are just one big family.

Carlota (26) told us that although we’re all living in times of confusion, trying to figure out what we want to do with our high-paced lives, working with her family has been the best form of support. Together as a team, each one takes care of what they do best. Merel and Goldie are mainly responsible for designing the new creations, and Alok and Carlota are in charge of administration and sales. To learn how to run the business, Carlota had the best teacher anyone could have: her father. Side by side, Alok took her to each meeting and had her participate in all the business practices since she was 16.

Just seeing them gathered in Namasté—the party they organize and celebrate every Wednesday in Las Dalias Ibiza since 1999—makes you feel the special union of this beautiful family. It truly is contagious. Children playing around, people smiling and dancing, the atmosphere is magical. You might find Alok playing his explosive, ethnic sets as a DJ, warming up the dance floor before his daughter Gaya takes control of the mixing boards with her girlfriend or some other great international DJ’s.

If you’re looking for something original in Ibiza, Las Dalias Ibiza is a must. Enjoy the Namaste party on Wednesday and visit their fashion store, or go any Saturday to this mythical hippie market and check out their stall (you can find more info about it, clicking here). Also, if you want to take a look at all their collections, you can visit their other locations, one next to Las Dalias, and the other “in the campo”, located in the middle of nature, next to the restaurant Can Curune. And, last but not least, besides the stores in Ibiza, they have another one in Barcelona, led by Angels (Alok’s sister) and Anna (Alok and Merel’s niece). For sure, you will love their unique and handmade pieces, created with love.

Las Dalias Ibiza
Address: Carretera San Carlos, Km. 12, Sant Carles, Ibiza

In the Campo store
Address: Ctra. San Juan, km.17,5, Sant Joan, Ibiza.

Barcelona store
Address: Carrer de la Diputació, 256, 08007 Barcelona