10 cool photographers in Ibiza you need to know

Mavi Iglesias Mavi Iglesias

10 cool photographers in Ibiza you need to know
Ibiza is beautiful, wherever you look at it. But, there are some people that see it through a very special lens.

Photography is the art of capturing the light or other electromagnetic radiation, into an image (digitally or chemically). Its name has Greek roots: φωτός (phōtos), genitive of φῶς (phōs), “light”, and γραφή (graphé) “representation by means of lines” or “drawing”, so it literally means “drawing with light”. There are uncountable styles, and even if nowadays we are supported by technology and it’s much easier to get a decent picture, photography is an art, and those who do it professionally have not only the “know-how” but aesthetic criteria, courage, inspiration, creativity, and… patience.

From fashion to lifestyle, gastronomy, architecture, and interior design, these are the coolest photographers on the island:

José Antonio Hervas

He’s famous for its amazing dreamy landscapes and breathtaking time-lapse scenes. You’ll fall in love with every picture…

Ana Lui

Based in Ibiza & Mallorca. Modern + Clean + Fine Art Aesthetics. You’ll see her around THE places to be now.


Rosa Scipion

Dedicated mostly to fashion and lifestyle, she’s all attitude and captures these super freestyle and spicy pics.

María Andreu

She does a little bit of everything: lifestyle, fashion, food, events, and nature. She’s been working in the hospitality industry, and as a talented freelance as well.

Sergio Lara

He’s specialized in lifestyle, landscapes, and mostly, architecture photography. Born in Ibiza. Wild by nature.

Eva Kruiper 

She’s based in Provence now but works regularly in Ibiza. Editorial fashion, lifestyle, advertising… She’s a pro, and she knows it.


Natasha Marshall

She specializes in wedding and events photography. Based in Ibiza, her profile is all about the pastel colours and emotive moments.


Nacho Dorado

He’s specialized in architecture and he truly has the eye (considering he is a technical architect), but he also likes to photograph cars, events, and editorial fashion.

Victor Moreno “Vitorino”

He’s specialized in advertising, fashion, and events. Super creative and fun, he has won a place in the nightlife scene. His mustaches are his signature.

María Simon

She’s a German photographer based in Ibiza. Experienced in fashion, lifestyle, weddings, and events.


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If you’re looking for a professional photographer for your next event or campaign for your business, search no more. I hope you like this selection, and also feel free to recommend us more talented photographers. Sharing is caring!

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