A new art exhibition is coming to B12, The Gallery in Ibiza

Art, art, art! (and a cocktail, why not?)

Mavi Iglesias Mavi Iglesias

A new art exhibition is coming to B12, The Gallery in Ibiza
This Friday, 3rd August, B12 The Gallery presents Summer 2018, a collective exhibition showcasing the work of 4 recognized international artists: Ariela Wertheimer, Arturo Calce, Gavin Rain and Kcho.


Ariela Wertheimer (1957) is one of the most acclaimed Israeli artists. After serving for 12 years in the Israeli Armed Forces, she studied painting and sculpture at Oranim Art College, and then her life changed completely. Inspired by Tel Aviv and its fences, construction metals, faces, personal stories of people and neon lights, she combines different techniques such as photography, lighting and acrylic painting to create a type of pop art, which is urban, young and fresh. Her vision about her work is that “Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth”.

Artwork by Arturo Calce

The Italian painter Arturo Calce (Venice, 1955) became famous for his colourful, pop paintings, which are part of public and private collections all over the world. Driven by love and charmed by primary colours, his plexiglass artworks honour the feminine figure and the pleasures of life. For those of you who might recognize his work, some paintings were exhibited at B12 last year.

Artwork by Gavin Rain

The South African Gavin Rain (1971) studied Art and Neuropsychology at the University of Cape Town. He started with pointillism around 2003 but has been painting all his life. Influenced by Seurat, Russian avant-garde art of the 1900’s, and by many architects, his art- which combines abstract and figurative styles- speaks for itself.

Sculpture by Kcho

And finally, Alexis Leiva Machado, A.K.A. Kcho (1970), is one of the biggest Cuban artists of his generation. His works (sculpture and mixed-media) have been exhibited at museums like the Reina Sofia in Madrid. Kcho depicts boats and boat-like forms using recycled materials, like bottles and lumber salvaged from docks. His work is inspired by his childhood spent sailing and fishing on the ocean.


The Grand Opening kicks off at 8:30 pm and artists Ariela Wertheimer and Arturo Calce will be in attendance to chat about their artwork and celebrate the beginning of this fantastic exhibition.

AddressC / Antoni Planelles Ferrer s / n, 07800, Ibiza

Featured image: artwork by Ariela Wertheimer.

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