Aemet weather forecast: sudden temperature drop and SNOW WARNING in Ibiza and Spain

Mavi Iglesias Mavi Iglesias

Aemet weather forecast: sudden temperature drop and SNOW WARNING in Ibiza and Spain
The AEMET alerts that the snow might reach the island and fall tomorrow and Friday in heights between 200 and 300 metres.

Don’t forget your scarf when you leave home today, as forecasters have predicted that temperatures will drop significantly from today towards the end of this week in the Balearics and some parts of Spain. In Ibiza, the thermometres will not exceed the 13º and the minimum will most likely be between 2º and 4º, which means that snowfalls will be probable from heights of 200 metres on Thursday and 300 metres on Friday.

The arrival of a cold mass of polar air entering from the northeast of the peninsula will cause this great drop in temperature until Friday, producing snowfall and freeze in some areas of the country, as the mercury will reach -10º.
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The Aemet predicts that the daytime temperatures will begin to recover on Saturday and the nighttime from Sunday, while the strong wind will still remain during the weekend in the Ebro and Balearic Islands. The weekend and the first days of next week are expected to be stable with cloudless skies and no precipitation in most of the territory, and daytime temperatures will begin to rise from Sunday, perfect timing to enjoy a glass of whatever-makes-you-happy under the sun at Sant Joan’s market.
And, if you have the chance to go to the lookout of Es Vedrà, there’s a high chance that you will enjoy a spectacular view of it dressed in white, especially for the occasion.

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Just remember to wrap yourself up, because it’s going to be very COLD!
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