Atlantis, not just a secret place but also a magical spot in Ibiza


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Atlantis, not just a secret place but also a magical spot in Ibiza
To reach a place like Atlantis, you have to earn it. You can’t just get there and enjoy diving into that surreal spectacle, without sweating a bit.

Sa Pedrera de Cala D’Hort (the real name of Atlantis) is an old sandstone quarry that was used to build, among other things, the walls of Dalt Vila. What they probably didn’t know is that, by extracting the blocks and taking them to Vila or Sant Antoni by ships, they were creating an equally majestic natural wonder.

The cuts in the stone left crazy asymmetrical walls and deep gaps that become natural pools when filled with seawater. As much as I try to describe it, and even seeing the most beautiful photos, nothing truly compares with the feeling you get by being there. Walking through the surreal landscape is like an interactive, massive artwork that you discover as you wander around.

Photo by Moderne Hippies

To arrive (this is the small print of the contract) you have to walk along narrow paths that lead down a deep and long slope, opening the way between the stones and bushes for a while. It takes 40 minutes to an hour to get there, depending on your pace. However, heading back always tends to pass by a little faster. It is not recommended for anyone that is not in good health or are pregnant to take the route as the adventure there is a bit dangerous.

If you wonder what this little corner of Ibiza has to do with the famous lost land of Atlantis that so many characters in history have wished to find, the answer is rather poetic. The hippies who found the best-hidden treasure of the island back in the 1960’s began to call Atlantis “Sa Pedrera,” in honour of the mythical island and its sunken temples that has yet to be found.

Still, the magic of the place is the same, surely enhanced by the positive energy that so many meditations and spiritual rituals have been celebrated in this site, completely isolated from technology and the modern world.

There are no signs indicating the directions but you can guide yourself with this map. And if you have any energy left after, then you must visit ‘Torre des Savinar’, also known as the “Pirates’ Tower”, built in the 18th century to view the coasts of the famous neighbour islands, Es Vedrá, and Es Vedranell. The views are truly amazing.

Torre D’es Savinar by @vueltaibizapie

It is a very special corner for those of us who love the island and the only way to keep it intact is protecting it from our human ignorance. So please don’t leave traces behind and if you see any rubbish, pick it up. Take care of the island and the island will take care of you.


Key details to keep in mind: bring comfortable sneakers or shoes, sunscreen, water, and some fruit to sweeten the trip. The hours pass by and your body will appreciate it after so much action.

Finally, if you go, don’t forget to share your trip with us! Add #mysecretibiza and tag us in your photos, so together we keep the inspiration alive and continue discovering this beautiful island of the Mediterranean.

Featured image: videomapa.es

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