Best Veggie Restaurants in Ibiza

Ibiza is probably one of the best places to be vegeterian or vegan, there's so many options available!

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Best Veggie Restaurants in Ibiza
Ibiza loves embracing the health and wellness lifestyle, and this can be seen with the many cafes and restaurants around the island that emphasise their clean, fresh products and plant-based recipes. The following list is our favourite vegetarian/vegan places to eat, but keep in mind this is only a few of the many that the island has to offer!

Wild Beets

Wild Beets specialises in recipes that work off of “raw food”, because of the obvious benefits found in natural ingredients. They prepare dishes in a way that maximises this nutritional value whilst at the same time ensuring it keeps its delicious flavour. They also have a wide variety of any juice or smoothie you can think of – ginger shots, cold pressed juices, elixirs and pretty much anything else thats trendy at the moment.

 Address: Carrer Venda de Llatzer 9, 07814 Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera

Can Nuts

Let’s admit, finding a good veggie burger is tough… not every restaurant can pull it off. How yummy does the veggie patty look in the instagram above though! Can Nuts has plenty of vegan/vegetarian friendly options, and best of all, it’s not a boring old salad but dishes that have actually had thought put into them. Incase some of you happen to be in the company with avid meat eaters, don’t worry – they’ll find some great dishes on the menu to satisfy all their juicy meat cravings as well!

Address: Carrer des Munt Aconcagua, 07849 Cala Llonga

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Roni’s Deli

In a fitting continuation from Can Nuts, Roni’s Deli is another great spot to find plenty of (veggie) burger options – satisfied customers have gone so far as to deem it the best burger joint in town. Filled with nice people, good vibes and great customer service, you will not be disappointed. You won’t get stuck with only burgers as theres plenty of other food such as pancakes and whatever else you can think of!


Address: C / Porreres (291.27 mi), 07817, Ibiza


Honest Bar

Honest Bar is a veggie/vegan restaurant only, not only that but they’ve gone a step further and even cater food that can be eaten by those with lactose, celiac and gluten intolerances! You can find endless delicious options such as, caulirice, zoodles, vegetable burritos, raw fruit ice cream and of course SMOOTHIES!

Address: Av. Sant Agustí, 152, 07829 Sant Josep de sa Talaia


The Skinny Kitchen

Not much is left to the imagination with a name like “The Skinny Kitchen“, this place is a vegan’s haven! We’ve written about this restaurant in our article about how to spend a day in Ibiza, so have a look here for some more information!

Address: Passeig de la Mar 20, 07800 Sant Antoni de Portmany

featured image: instagram.com/wildbeets

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