Cala Mastella: discover one of the tiniest and most charming beaches in Ibiza

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Cala Mastella: discover one of the tiniest and most charming beaches in Ibiza
If you are looking for a secret beach away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this picturesque and unspoiled cove is the answer to your prayers.

Located in the northeast side of the island next to Sant Carles town, Cala Mastella is ideal to relax and connect with the deep peace that Ibiza offers, hidden in a pine forest and surrounded by cliffs.

The seabed is a mix of sand, stones and Posidonia (the endemic seaweed of the Balearic islands that filters the water naturally, making it one of the purest waters on the planet). This combination creates an impressive visual effect on the water, which goes from bright turquoise to deep blue and greens with small reddish spots.

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There are a few fisherman houses on the left side with rocky walls, and due to its special tranquillity, Cala Mastella is perfect to practice water sports, such as paddle surf, snorkel or kayak.

It also offers a bar and restaurant on the beach, and the famous and bohemian restaurant “Bigotes” (which means “moustaches”, in honour to its mythical owner) where you can delight your palate with a paella or a “Bullit de Peix”, a delicious typical Ibizan dish. It is essential to make a reservation in advance, as it is always full.


Bigotes restaurant, by ibiza5sentidos

You can only get there by car, following the signs from Sant Carles to Cala Mastella, where you eventually will take a left-hand turn to reach the beach. As the cove is little (approx. 50 metres long), the space is very limited so arriving early is key to ensure you will have a comfy spot. The other option is to arrive by sea and enjoy the views of the beach from your boat or yacht.

Enjoy your day in paradise!

Featured image: Cala Mastella by @espenore in Flickr.

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